EDF, also known as Every Day Fresh, is an American hip hop recording artist Houston, TX. EDF has most recently released Orignal Playa. The project was executive produced by Platinum Hands. On this go around around EDF worked with Slim Thug, Mike Red, Cripn Jiggy, Yungstar, as well as Joe on the Track, a producer from Baton Rouge.

In 2013, EDF released XXV featuring a host of producers from across the nation that will assist with his vintage, yet globally authentic Houston sound.

Since the release of XXV (25), EDF has went on to release mutliple EP's which personify himself musically, as well as the city of Houston and State of Texas sonically.

These projects include Ingomar Way, Purple Session, and concentrates to name a few. EDF has also been featured on numerous projects from Slim K and OG Ron C's Chopstars. EDF has also been featured on Slim Thug's - Thug Thursday 3.

EDF also engineers, and produces when he isn't painting pictures with words. Follow EDF on Twitter or Instagram via @imEDF.